In all his writing, John strives to write material that will make a difference. This comes about by focusing on making sure all content is relevant, adding unique features help the reader, and being sure that there is an audience seeking solutions for their problems.

On Foot Care

As an example, his book Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatment for Athletes was initially self-published and then was picked up by a mainstream outdoor publishing house. It has reach the often envied position of being released in its 5th edition in February 2011. The book is unique in that it contains over 350 pages of tips about foot care, covers all aspects of footwear, injuries, and related treatments, and a complete list of resources. The book has become the 'bible' of foot care by those in extreme sports. The book was released in 1997 and although it appeals to a niche market, it has sold well over 30,000 copies to athletes in countries around the world.

On Writing

Several of John's books have evolved from his speaking. Teaching a major eight hour workshop on marketing books at a writers conference led to his book Selling Your Book: The No-Nonsense, Step-by-Step Marketing & Promotion Workbook. The book is unique in that it presents questions to help the reader work through steps to make their books. The book, You Can Write for Niche Markets, came about through the same process.

On the Church

A completely different book is his The Pastoral Search Journey, a book for churches on finding and calling a pastor.


His two booklets include A Parent's Guide to the Emergency Room and Happy Feet: Foot Care Advice for Walkers and Travelers.


John's writing has taken many forms - books, booklets, articles, e-zines, blogs, and Web sites. The Web site WritersConferenceGuidelines.com is a huge project that offers hope to writers who attend writers conferences. Many writers go to these conferences and return home dejected. Their queries, proposals, and manuscripts were not as well-developed or well-written as they needed to be in order for an agent or editor to pick them up. The Web site offers extensive materials on what goes into writing different parts of your submission package and how to do it right. Information on queries, cover letters, book proposals, article and manuscript formats, genre tips, meeting with faculty, making the most of your conference, conference links, resources, a glossary, and more.