Web Site Creation

John can help you with your website creation. This offer is especially good for writers who want a site that is easily manageable.

For an example of a website that supports a book, check out my Pastoral Search website. This site supports the book The Alban Guide to Managing the Pastoral Search Process. The site has 14 pages, including links to Amazon and the publisher's website, articles, praise for the book, and more.

Examples of my sites are here:

Site Components

The common components of a Website include a header, content including images, menus, links, site search, and a site map. Other options include a sign-up form, audio and/or video, files to download, and a shopping cart. I use XSitePro Website Design Software to develop Websites. This is a Windows based software. I can create a complete Website or a template that you can use with XSitePro Website Design Software to build your site.


Website creation can vary based on the number of pages and components. Pricing will likewise vary. Send me an email and tell me a bit about what you envision and I can give you a rough estimate.

About XSitePro

XSitePro Website Design Software runs on a Windows platform. It surpasses any other software I have seen or tried. Since I work on a Mac, I used VMware's Fusion software that allowed my Intel Mac to run Windows. There is a very short learning curve and the PDF manuals are great if one runs into questions. The software is perfect for those wishing to manage their own Website. It is feature rich:

  • Loads of free templates or design your own site
  • All portions of the pages are customizable
  • Easy to add site search, site map, breadcrumb trail, resource manager, test boxes, pop-ups, RSS feeds, affiliates
  • Loads of Wizards to add text boxes, buttons,
  • Links for Amazon and Google Adsense advertising
  • Links for PayPal
  • Simple task to add audio and video capabilities
  • Inexpensive
  • Great support including tutorial videos
  • The ability to make a version of the site viewable on mobile devices
  • Can automatically insert page breaks
  • Make unlimited Web sites
  • Page analysis for search engine optimization, readability and accessibility
  • Easy to access source code for each page

After 2 1/2 years of struggling to develop a specialized website, a friend told me about XSitePro Website Design Software. Watching their online video describing the software, I knew it was perfect. Within two months, I had created a 60+ page website from scratch. To further confirm the value of the software, I rebuilt this website and another totally new site, in two days. A few more days of minor tweaking and both sites were done.

The XSitePro folks also offer a free software download, XHeaderPro, which is used to create professional headers or banners for Web sites. This is another great easy-to-use product to help customize your website.

If you are interested in more information, click on the image below or this XSitePro Website Design Software link.


You can also email me or call if you have questions about the software.

209-825-6036 (home)