John writes for diverse markets. Over the years he has written four books and started a series of booklets. His articles appear in print and on the Web, in magazines and e-zines. The nature of his writing and speaking takes him from the Christian to the secular arenas.

Books and Booklets

To read sample excerpts from each of the published works below, click on the title.

FIXING YOUR FEET: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes - 5th edition - The best-selling book on foot care for people who want to keep their feet happy and healthy.

YOU CAN WRITE FOR NICHE MARKETS: Dreaming Ideas and Writing Information that Sells - A resource about finding and writing for niche markets.

SELLING YOUR BOOK: The No Nonsense Step-by-Step Marketing & Promotion Workbook - A 200 page workbook that walks authors through the steps to sell their book with a marketing plan.

HAPPY FEET! - Foot Care Advice for Walkers & Travelers - A resource for people who spend time on their feet.

A PARENT'S GUIDE TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM: Managing Your Child's Crisis Without Fear - A guide for parents, grandparents, and caregivers who care for children.

THE PASTORAL SEARCH JOURNEY - Two books about bringing quality to the churches pastoral search process.

Magazine, E-zine and Web Articles

John has written numerous articles for the print and Web. He has been published in print in Runner's World, Trail Runner, Adventure Sports, Ultrarunning, Backpacker, Adventure World, Marathon & Beyond, HomeLife, Children's Book Insider, Win-Informer, and more. John also publishes the popular Fixing Your Feet E-zine and Happy Feet blog. His recent topics include:


  • Befriending Children with Special Needs
  • Pastoral Search
  • Church Compensation
  • Affirmation


  • Tracking Your Writing Ideas
  • All Aspects of Foot Care - these articles include such diverse subjects as blisters, fit, socks, insoles, moisture and cold, prevention, taping, lacing, foot care kits, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and much more.
  • Adventure Racing