New Projects

New projects often come and go. Some projects however, keep pushing their way to the forefront. Here are a few of the projects that are at the top of the list:

  • A Foot Care Clinic video Web site 
  • Converting Selling Your Book into an e-book
  • Converting You Can Write for Niche Markets into an e-book
  • Web sites for the above two e-books
  • Ready, Set, Talk! - a book for churches on improving the relationships of people in their church
  • The Pastor and the Board - a book about a church pastor and his board, and their relationships and struggles. Told in story format that teaches as it entertains.  
  • A project on running the long trails of the United States. This will be written for trail runners, ultrarunners, marathon runners, and adventure racers
  • A booklet about values and skills that every young child needs to know as he or she grows older