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Excerpt from Happy Feet

Eight Essential Tips for Happy Feet

Let’s start with eight essential tips for keeping your feet healthy and happy. These are key; everything else in this booklet builds on these tips:

  1. Fit is key - be sure your shoes fit well.
  2. Buy shoes for fit and comfort first; style second.
  3. Your toes need room to breathe; choose shoes with a generous toe box.
  4. Wear moisture wicking socks to keep your feet dry.
  5. Use moisture absorbing powder or a lubricant, or an ENGO Blister Patch to reduce friction.
  6. Loosen your laces when relaxing.
  7. When possible, take your shoes and socks off to let your feet breathe.
  8. In the evening, when possible, go barefoot to allow your feet to air.