John is very organized and thorough. His talk was very practical and helpful. » Christian Writers Seminar conferee 2013

Well organized and clear, informative information. » Christian Writers Seminar conferee 2013

"I wanted to say again how much I enjoyed meeting you and what an encouragement you have been. Your classes were great. I'm on overload with all of the information." » Carla Morton

"John's breakout session was fantastic - one of the best, practical, step by stop presentations on marketing and publicity I've heard (and I've been to quite a few conferences). He should definitely return for more presentations and conferences." » from the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association's Get Published Conference, 2005

"When even presenters referred to you as if you were in an elite class, I didn't even consider connecting with you last year. After working up nerve to go into your workshop this year, you can't imagine my delight and chagrin to find you so endearingly humble and equally receptive to attendees whether published or not. Thank you for your Christian encouragement and example." » Carla B.

"Thanks so much, for all your help and attention to detail. You make our writing life easier and yet challenging simultaneously. Thanks for the encouragement." » Pamela Dowd

"Where to start.... Reflecting back on your classes at the Florida Christen Writers Conference. The material you cover, with the questions and self-evaluation worksheets, combined with your presentation and personality is explosive! Here is my experience. I had no clue about what I signed up for. I assumed I had no original thoughts. Then I saw the different ways God moves people. The thought provoking questions and evaluations unleashed a desire to be free and move within the context of what God would have me do. I began to recall talents and ambitions long overlooked. The eyes of my mind where opened. Christ, in His power, clarified my understanding of the message that only I can bring to the world. By Friday night, my heart and mind were brimming with ideas, goals, and now deadlines. The Florida Christian Writers Conference has made a difference in my life. Time will give the life changing, career altering difference." » Tricia Lees

You're awesome! » Janice A. Thompson 

"Deciding to join your class at FCWC was the best decision I have made for my writing career! The information you gave, the way it was presented and your willingness to help each of the participants was superb. It is now time for me to implement the things I have learned. Congratulations on winning the Faculty of the Year award! You deserved it! May God richly bless you." » Carolynn Scully

"Thanks for the files, John! And thanks for your servant's heart." » Jeanne Damoff

"I greatly enjoyed your teaching and will use your principles to enhance my writing career." » Louise Gougers