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About Us

Footwork Publications is dedicated to serving individuals and organizations who have special and unique needs and interests.

The name Footwork Publications was chosen to represent our commitment to doing the footwork—the study, research, and development of high-quality and unique resources that fill a special publishing market need.

Footwork Publications Successes

Fixing Your Feet was published in 1997 and then a 2nd edition in 2000. Picked up by Wilderness Press, a 3rd edition was released in 2004, a 4th edition in 2006, and then a 5th edition in 2011.

The Pastoral Search Journey was first published in 1996 as Managing the Pastoral Search Process for churches of two denominations. The Alban Institute picked up the title in 1999 and released it as The Alban Guide to Managing the Pastoral Search Process. In 2010, it was released under the current title.

Current Titles

Happy Feet: Foot Care Advice for Walkers and Travelers

A Parent's Guide to the Emergency Room: Managing Your Child's Crisis Without Fear

Selling Your Book: The Non Nonsense, Step by Step Marketing and Promotion Workbook


John VonhofFootwork Publications was founded in 1996 and is owned by John Vonhof.