A Parent's Guide to the Emergency Room: Managing Your Child's Crisis Without Fear

A Parent's Guide to the Emergency Room: Managing Your Child's Crisis Without Fear - A guide for parents, grandparents, and caregivers who care for children.


ER BookletYour Child and the Emergency Room

This year, one out of every 2.4 children will be seen in the nation’s 6000 or so emergency rooms. It may be a cold, an earache, a cut, a broken bone from a fall, or a breathing problem. Whatever the illness or injury, an emergency room visit can be overwhelming and even scary to the parent unfamiliar to the inside of an emergency room.

Before an Emergency

Know where your local emergency room is located, its phone number, and how to get there. If there are several hospitals in the area, find out which is staffed best for pediatric care. Some areas have a children’s hospital.

If your child is on any medications, make a complete list for the medical personnel. Likewise, list any known allergies.

If your child is going to be in the care of another relative, babysitter, day care provider, or at school or other activities, make sure all of these have the above information and a Consent to Treat form that authorizes treatment in your absence.


  1. Introduction
  2. Before an Emergency
  3. Deciding to Go to the Emergency Room
  4. Clinics and Urgent Care Facilities
  5. When to Call for Emergency Help
  6. Your Pediatrician and the Emergency Room
  7. Be Prepared
  8. Know Your Emergency Room
  9. The Hospital Staff
  10. Getting Treatment
  11. Treatment Tips
  12. Calming Your Child
  13. Emergency Room Do’s
  14. Emergency Room Don’ts
  15. Common Illnesses and Procedures
  16. Common Injuries and Procedures
  17. Special Needs Children and the Emergency Room
  18. Before You Sign Out
  19. When You Get Home
  20. Resources

A Parent's Guide to the Emergency Room is available at Footworkpub.com and on Amazon as a eBook.