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Footwork Publications

Footwork Publications is a niche market small press. We publish specific, well thought out resources that fill a need.

Several of our publications have been picked up by mainstream publishers and have reached levels of success that writers dream about. We published Fixing Your Feet in 1997 and a 2nd edition in 2000. It has now achieved 5th edition status with Wilderness Press - a distinction that most nonfiction books do not reach. We published The Pastoral Search Journey in 1996. The Alban Institute picked up the title in 1999 and in 2010 released it in a 2nd edition.

Our two booklets, Happy Feet and A Parent's Guide to the Emergency Room, are niche products that are designed to sell to consumers and in bulk sales to special markets. These can be customized as an incentive product for businesses and organizations.

Footwork Publications is dedicated to serving individuals and organizations with their unique needs and interests.