An Idea Person
Writing That Makes a Difference

These keywords describe John Vonhof. They are individually and collectively important to him as he lives his life. Those who know him have seen these in action as he has taught, helped others, and in his writing and speaking - he lives and writes to make a difference.

Diversity in speaking and writing has shaped John. He has written for the Christian and secular markets, has self-published and been published by mainstream publishers, and has successfully written on such diverse topics as feet, writing, special needs children, and church life. His ability to "feel" the value of an idea and turn it into a workable product encourages him to help other writers develop their writing ideas.

Idea development is one of John's strong points. Finding niche market ideas, and developing them personally or encouraging others to do so, has resulted in products that last year-after-year because they offer solutions to people's problems.

John loves life and loves helping people. In all he does, he strives to make a difference in the lives of others and in the programs and projects he touches.

His small press, Footwork Publications, was founded on the premise of the need for unique resources, especially for niche markets, that help people and make a difference in their lives.